Here is a mixture of places, organizations, and events that you can go to, to get more of a French experience. These are located in Wisconsin (Milwaukee and Madison) so there's no need to jump on a plane. In particular, la Maison Française de UW Madison means a lot to me. It is open as a restaurant every Wednesday for Dinner and every Friday for lunch during the academic year. As a student you could live there or eat there every day for one course credit. The only rule is, is that once you walk inside, you speak only French. The Alliance Française also does an incredible job of promoting French culture in the states. They even have classes you can enroll your child in so they can get a head start in the language.

The other events and restaurants are great. Le Rêve in particular is well-known for its reasonable prices and amazing food.

Finally, at the bottom is a graphic of Wisconsin companies in France. Who said to learn Spanish anyways? There are plenty of Wisconsin and international companies stationed in France. Maybe one day I'll be working for one of these!